Get New Wibiya Toolbar - New Features, Download Link

You may now get the new and upgraded Wibiya Toolbar on your blog or website!

Credit: Wibiya

Using the new Wibiya toolbar will help you offer exciting new features to your users while boosting your site’s functionality and promoting your content to the world. Still positioned at the bottom of your web page, the upgraded toolbar allows you to add web applications such as 3D photo galleries, a direct facebook and twitter connection, live notifications, itranslation, smart shares and many more.

Note that vs. the older version of the toolbar, the new one doesn't support the "drag image to share post" feature. Perhaps to cut the mouse distance, the new bar replaces this with "click image to share post".

Faster Loading Time and More Apps – Free!
  • The Wibiya toolbar is now faster and more effective:
  • Weighs less than 17kb
  • Your content comes first! The Wibar will only load after your content is done
  • Can be fully customized to suit your needs and website

Add Exciting New Applications to your Wibiya Toolbar:
  • 5 different facebook applications. Like button, recent activity, post messages, recommendations and  more
  • Tweet from your site
  • @anywhere integration
  • Google Buzz feed
  • Real time user statistics – find out what people are doing on your site
  • 3D picture and YouTube video galleries
  • iTranslation
See demo and get the updated Wibiya toolbar code via this link.

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