Samsung Bada: What is Bada? Features, Vision, Demo - Coming to the Philippines

Samsung Bada (Bada is pronounced with two open vowel a's and with accent on first syllable), which means "ocean" or "sea" in Korean, is the company's 2010 smartphone platform or operating system.

Note to non-geeks: An operating system or OS is basically the software that manages all other programs that run on a gadget or computer. If you're using a PC to read this, you are probably working on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system.

Computers are not the only gadgets that need to have an OS. Smartphones with powerful features that approximate those of full-blown computers likewise need operating systems to manage applications. Some popular smartphone OSes include Maemo OS of Nokia N900, Android OS of Samsung Galaxy Spica, Blackberry OS and iPhone OS.

Bada is part of Samsung's vision to bring the smartphone platform to all conventional customers by making smartphones more affordable. As such, Bada opens a new smartphone market that hasn't been explored before.

Samsung Bada Features:

Samsung Bada introduces a plethora of new service-centric features and functions that set it apart from conventional mobile platforms. These new capabilities include social networking, location-based services, content management and commerce services. On the interface, Bada supports multipoint-touch, 3D graphics, and of course, application downloads and installation via Samsung App Store.

Watch this video of Samsung Bada presentation held in London last December to learn more about the features of the operating system:

Coming to the Philippines Soon:

TechPinas has just received invite to attend the Philippine media launch of Samsung Bada at the Manila Peninsula sometime next week. As such, I think it wouldn't be long before the public gets to experience the platform via the new Samsung phones that are set to be released within the year -- First of which, I believe, is Samsung Wave. More about that phone soon. So please keep tuning in.

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