Free and Unlimited Wifi for the Entire Philippines: More Than 200,000 Filipinos on Facebook Like the Idea!

Why isn't any candidate for national elections active on this popular fan page?

Is it because not one of them can promise to deliver what the users want?

Credit: Facebook, Ipa-Wifi ang Buong Pilipinas!

Free and Unlimited Wifi for the entire Philippines sounds like a great idea. But don't take my word for it. Quoting Eddie F., one of page's many fans, in semi-Jejemon parlance:

ang mabilis na pag unland kailngan ng mablis ng transformation and information mahalaga ang ginagampanan ng net dito imgine daming natulonganng FB nung panahon ng ngaun sa darating na sa ngaun ala ng imposible naku!!!

(Speedy growth [of this nation] requires transformation and information... and the internet will play an important role in achieving this [. Just] imagine the number of [Pinoys on] Facebook who [worked together to aid the victims of] Ondoy... now that [National] elections is fast approaching [...] nothing is impossible.)

That's more than 200,000 potential votes, dear politicians. Come on!

Bring it!

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  1. The question is, is it possible? Even in the mountanous areas of Benguet? hmmmm


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