Of Disrespect for Bloggers at a Magazine Launch

Quoting a section of Animetric's narration of the unfortunate event,

The event was being handled by a PR company called Events 100. I have been invited by them in the past but was not able to make it so I thought I'd say yes this time. I texted my confirmation to the person indicated and replied to the email. I got no response. [...]

We wrote our names on the registry. We were asked what publication we were from and we told them we were invited as bloggers. The one holding the registry gave us a strange look. There was a pile of press kits on the table, brown envelopes with the MEGA Magazine logo. I picked up one, as did mrsmartinez. I opened the envelope and browsed through the contents. It had bond papers with photos and write-ups plus a CD copy. We were then told that the press kits were only for press people and that we could not get one. She was still wearing that indifferent, expressionless look which I wanted to slap off her face. It was just a bunch of papers and a stupid CD, but we both gave it all back. [...]

As we were chatting amongst ourselves at the cocktail table, MEGA Magazine's advertising manager approached us. She asked us what publication we were from. We told her we were invited as bloggers. She asked if we already got press kits and copies of the May 2010 issue which they were launching. We told her no, because the press kits are limited. She told us that the press kits are for everyone and that they're just getting everything ready. She also told us that someone would approach us with our kits in a while. She invited us to partake of the buffet while waiting for the event to start.

Another girl in black approached us soon after. She was holding press kits. She asked what publication we were from. We told her we were invited as bloggers. She gave us a blank stare and a sheepish smile and walked away. In the meantime, we could see every single cameraman and utility crew holding press kits.

Read her full story here.

There are many not-so-pleasant things in life that are to be tolerated -- like the nauseating concoction of body odour inside a jampacked MRT bus at 6PM or the turtle-paced traffic at SLEX on long weekends -- this, ladies and gentlemen is not of them.

I want all of my readers the world over to know that I shun this; That I find it utterly distasteful, terribly infuriating and incredibly careless. That is my opinion, this is my blog and I have all the right to say it.

It's not even a question of relevance for me. The question, "Is she/he relevant enough to be treated right?" is something only idiots and bigots will ask.

Everyone, regardless of IQ, BMI, Skin Condition, Facial Proportions, Animal-or-Fictive-Character-Look-Alike, Educational Attainment or Profession, should be respected. It's the basic tenet of being human. We are human because we know how to respect.

I wonder what I would have done if I were the victim in this case. Ah, I'd probably just harness all of my resources, activate all of my contacts from my alma mater all the way to my corporate business partners and friends in the legal field, to make sure that this won't EVER happen again.

And please, if you were to shoot down my opinions, be men -- come out of the bushes, and reveal yourselves.


Oh, and in the spirit of fair blogging (if ever there's such a thing), TechPinas is open to publishing Mega's reaction and/or press release on this case.