PBB Clash of 2010 TeenTernational Housemates Talk About What's Best and Worst in the Philippines

I've seen a lot of really good Pinoy Big Brother segments dating as far back as the very first season. But this one, in my opinion, has to be the best and most meaningful of them all.

May 4, 2010 Philippine Broadcast of Pinoy Big Brother:

Big Brother asked the nine TeenTernational bedspacers to discuss among themselves the best and worst experiences that they had in their stay in the Philippines. Most of the best experiences mentioned happened in school like getting good grades in Filipino class despite being a foreigner. Worst experiences, on the other hand, are largely about being picked on and teased by Pinoys for being different -- so much for Pinoys being hospitable, really. The topic then shifted to what they like about the Philippines that the Filipinos don't seem to appreciate. This is where it became very insightful, at least for me --

Quoting the TeenTernational housemates,

"Yung mga Pinoy.. parang... nag-e-English pero meron ding narurumihan sa Tagalog. Eh salita nila yun eh." (The Filipinos... it's like... they speak in English but there are those who find Tagalog dirty. [It's odd] 'cus it's their own language.)

"I know some Filipinos who don't speak Tagalog 'cus like.. they think English is sosyal."

"Even if they're good in English - that's good for them - they have to speak in Tagalog, di ba?"

"The Philippines is a very free country. In Korea, if you're gay, you'll probably be stoned to death."

"Kahit Korean ako, I'm proud that I'm living in the Philippines. So I think they should be really proud. Parang.. they should be proud first of their country so that other countries will respect the Philippines."

Watch the segment here:

Credit: ABS-CBN, Endemol, Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Clash of 2010

So true. Whenever my friends from other countries come over to visit the Philippines, they'd tell me (in beer conversations) that they think a lot of Pinoys don't really care much about the Philippines. It's really sad that that's the impression we are giving them. What's sadder is that, when you really spend time to think about it, you realize that it's the truth.

Nawa'y ikarangal natin ang pagiging Pilipino.

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  1. wooo... i like the international teens... they are so cute!! love them!!


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