iPhone 4G Clone Spotted in China - Fake 4G Released More than Four Months Ahead of the Original

This is the very reason why gadget prototypes should never be left in bars.

Because, truth be told, the knock-off makers in China need less than three weeks to clone a leak when they see one.

Ladies and gents, fresh from the hideout, China's iPhone 4G clone:

source: M8Cool

iPhone 4G clone dons the boxy, utilitarian form factor of the original.

There's a 2 Megapixel camera at the back -- no telling if it's 2MP indeed.

No capacitive touchscreen for the clone; 3.2", Resolution: 240 × 400px

Clone user interface hints that of the original iPhone OS, hardly works the same

No wifi, 3G nor GPS.

Wholesale price, according to source, is 440 yuan or around Php 2,900.

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  1. wow this is truly amazing. an iphone 4 at cheaper cost. who would know the difference?

  2. it's easy to determine the clone from the real one even at a glance. just like when i saw blackberry clone


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