Gladys Reyes Uses Twitter and Skype to Get Showtime Viewers' Reactions in Realtime

Using her trusty 1st Gen 2009 White Macbook, the legendary Miss Gladys Reyes proves that if there's any Showtime judge who can come up with something that can match - if not totally eclipse - Vice Ganda's 'May NagText' pautot, it's no one but her.

Harnessing the true power of social media and online communications, Gladys utilizes her Twitter (@GPRS23) and Skype accounts to engage viewers by getting their response on Showtime performances in realtime! Yes, REALTIME!

Check out these realtime viewer-RT's on a recent Showtime entrant:

and watch Gladys' Showtime Reactions via Skype demo:

Credit: ABS-CBN, Showtime - Disclaimer on online videos applies


Mabuhay ang Showtime!

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  1. hi dear! I don't think that's a first gen Macbook. I think its the polycarbonate Macbook white na Unibody na :)

  2. ^

    hi chayie,

    thanks for the info.

    yup, I checked ulit. It's from 2009 nga. :)

  3. bongga na talaga ang showtime,, pero ngaun natanggal na si gladys sa showtime eh... wala ng skype at twiiter,,,, may nag text nalang!


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