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Naruto Manga 496 Scans courtesy of MangaStream.

Another one for Naruto fans,

NOTE: This post will be updated regularly until the complete CONFIRMED spoiler for Naruto Manga 496 has been released.

Credits: Ohana
Translation : Kewl0210

I just got a quick look.
Naruto and Bee are successful in pulling out the Kyuubi.
Kyuubi rampages and says things like “So you’re trying to control me?”

I think they’re brought into a spirit/mind world.
Bee and fist and fist are stuck out. (this line is strange,
Bee uses the hachibi, too, but the octopus tentacles are cut by the Kyuubi.”

Kewl said: The second line, like there made no sense.
Even if it only said “first” once.

The newer spoiler says that the Hachibi helps fight but it’s legs get chopped off. Hachibi only appeared as legs though (maybe sticking out of Bee).

The Kyuubi feels strangley unconfortable now that there is no darkeness hiding in Naruto.

Naruto releases the seal, he opens the key on his stomach by himself.

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We don't have the confirmed spoiler yet. In the meantime, if you wish so, you may read this well-crafted prediction by Special One

STATUS: Prediction
Written by Special One

Naruto 496 spoiler prediction

Naruto vs. The Kyuubi!

(Yamato and Naruto are in awe of the environment they are in.)

Naruto: Woah… (Yamato rushes over to the structures in back, climbs up them and inspects the drawings on the wall.)

Yamato: Amazing… (Meanwhile, Naruto and Killer Bee have a little chat.)

Naruto: So, this is where you learned to control the 8-tails…?

Killer Bee: Right-o, the Eight-o is my main’s man! (Naruto rubs his belly with a fake grin.)

Naruto: Well the Kyuubi… I’m sure he hates my guts. (Naruto remembers all the times he asked the Kyuubi to borrow its power, and also remembers the Kyuubi trying to over take him during the Pain arc.) He also tried to control me. I really don’t think we can be friends…

Killer Bee: Probably (Naruto yells at Bee.)

Naruto: HEY, ENCOURAGE ME! (Bee has an annoyed face on.)

Killer Bee: Calm down clown! All hope’s not lost yet, bet! (As Bee points to the designs on the wall in back, Yamato lands near them and interrupts Bee’s lesson.)

Yamato: Hey, uh, Killer Bee… Those arrays, will I be correct in assuming that these are used to bind the Bijuu. (Naruto has a shocked look on his face.)

Killer Bee: Yep! This place was built to make perfect hosts like myself.

Naruto: Cool…

Yamato: Built?

Killer Bee: You deaf foo’? Yeah, we made ‘em. Kumo had been developing ways to control the Bijuu for years. So this place was built. The old foo’ before my bro made it his life’s work to finish it up before he went to kick it with the dead (Short flash back of the 3rd Raikage)…

I made a deal wit my bro, I said I’d become worthy host so that my bro can be Raikage and that we’d make the village proud, instead of bein’ labeled another shameful mistake of the old man, who spent most of his life trying to control the Bijuu for the welfare of this country… The old man got a lot of blame for the failed hosts in the past, brother and I wanted to make sure his sacrifice wasn’t in vain, he went through a lotta pain, but we had faith…

Yamato: You really looked up to the 3rd Raikage hmm?

Killer Bee: You gotta ask?

(Naruto remembers his convo with the 4th Hokage, and how the 4th Hokage always believed in him. The scene switches back to the present.)

Naruto: Alright, I’m ready!

Killer Bee: Ok, that’s what I’d like for you to say!

Yamato: Umm, excuse me by asking Naruto, but do you know what to do?

Naruto: Yeah, just hold on…

Killer Bee: Eh, Naruto, befo’ you do something, step in the center of the room…

Naruto: RIGHT! (Naruto walks to the center of the room. Bee looks over to Yamato.)

Killer Bee: Hey dude! Let’s go this way! (Both Killer Bee and Yamato heads to the right side, far away from Naruto, but still in range to see what’s going on. The scene switches over to the center of the room.)

Naruto: Ok… What was it again? (He closes eyes and begins making handseals. At the last handseal, the ram, he holds it and groans as his jacket unzips itself and opens up… Naruto’s stomach can be seen where the seal is imprinted. It begins to unravel and instantly, Naruto undergoes a transformation.)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Naruto enters the 4th tailed state with his skin flaking off and him donning a dark form like before. Bee and Yamato are bracing themselves as the waves of chakra are hitting them, meanwhile Samehada begins to act up a little.)

Samehada: GI, GI, GI, GI, GI!

(The scene switches back to Naruto… He now enters the 6th tailed state, and forms bones around his body.)

Naruto Kn6: *ROAR* (Kn6 then enlarges in size and scale. It now has a full skeleton with 7 tails. It continues to grow and mature, develops muscles, and finally, an 8th tail forms, resembling the state that broke out of Chibaku Tensei. Immediately, chakra doused chains erupts from the designs and restrains the Kn8 from all angles. The scene switches over to Yamato and Bee. As they continue to preserver, Yamato uses Mokuton to create a barrier of wood for them to hide behind.)


Killer Bee: Just keep it up dude! (As the scene switches over, a silhouette of the completed Kyuubi can be seen. Then, the panel focuses entirely on the Kyuubi. It roars and struggles as it tries to break free of the sealing method placed on it by the cavern. The chain around the Kyuub’s mouth shatters.)

Kyuubi: KU, KU, KU, KU, KU! IMPUDENT FOOLS, AS IF THESE CHAINS WILL BOUND ME FOR LONG! *ROARRRRRRRR* (The magnitude of the roar shakes the cavern. Meanwhile, Yamato and Bee emerges and lands in front of the Kyuubi.)

Yamato: Woah… (His teeth chatter) Naruto… Are you in there?

Killer Bee: If the kid can overcome the will of the Kyuubi, the battle is won!

Kyuubi: Ku, Ku, Ku, Ku! AS IF. NOW LOOSEN THESE CHAINS, I WON’T FLINCH TO BLOW THIS HELL HOLE SKY HIGH! (The scene switches over a realm of pitch darkness. Naruto is falling into a bottomless pit. Immediately, flash backs of the Kyuubi terrorizing the terrains of fields and causing global catastrophe as it swings its tails are shown. The scenes then show the Kyuubi thrashing villages, then a large vivid image of the sharingan is seen. Then an eternal Mangekyou Sharingan is seen in the next panel. As Naruto continues to fall, his voice can be heard.)

Naruto: All of these images… It’s, it’s too much! It’s like, it’s like…. (Then the Kyuubi voice can be heard in Naruto’s mind.)


(The Scene switches back to the present, the Kyuubi preparing a chakra blast, Yamato falls to his knees in assumed defeat.)

Yamato: It’s over, we’re dead…

Killer Bee: Hmm, what happened fox? Can’t do it can ya…? (Yamato stands up and looks and notices that the Kyuubi is having trouble letting off the blast.)

Yamato: You’re right, he can’t fire it off… (The chains around the Kyuubi’s tails begin to snap.)

Killer Bee: That’s because he hasn’t given in yet! The foo’ ain’t cooked yet.

Yamato: Then I’ll help too! (Yamato makes a few handseals and wood stretches from both of his palms and reaches out to restrain the Kyuubi.)

(Meanwhile the Hachibi speaks up as the scene switches to inside Bee’s mind.)

Hachibi: Let me out BEE! I WANNA DO SOMETHIN TO IT! YOU JUST GOTTA! (Bee On top of the Hachibi’s head.)

Killer Bee: Not yet… First, I need to see how much fight this Naruto guy has in him.

Next Time: Naruto’s rigors training continues!

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  1. Makes you wonder how much insanely stronger naruto is going to becoming when/if he completes this training. sad how much stronger the kyuubi is than the hachibi when only half the chakra is stored in Naruto.


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