Create an RSS Nokia Ovi App, Get a Chance to Win Up to $5,000

Got a website or blog that's RSS-enabled? Want to be $ 5,000 richer? Read on.

Today’s mobile phone apps are like yesterday’s wallpapers and ringing tones; People can’t get enough of them. Because mobile devices now are more high tech than ever before, mobile phone apps have been flying off the digital shelves and straight into the devices of the bored, the information-hungry, and the die hard tech fan.

But for those who want to level up and create a 'goldmine' app to share with the rest of the world, here’s your chance! Submit the app that you created using the new Ovi app wizard ( and you could win a new Nokia device and up to US$5,000.

If you're a publisher with RSS-enabled content, you can use the new Ovi app wizard to create an application for use on Nokia mobile devices in a matter of minutes. It’s the fastest and easiest way to create an app for distribution in Nokia’s Ovi Store. In fact, publishers from 94 countries have already used the new online tool to create locally relevant apps which deliver a valuable service to consumers. Creative examples of how the Ovi app wizard is being used include apps for things like comparing gasoline prices by location, bringing together communities of interest, and providing timely traveler alerts like the Ash Cloud app.

Once your new app is published on Ovi Store, submit it to Calling All Innovators ( and be eligible to win one of 10 special prizes for the Most Popular RSS Apps created using the Ovi app wizard. The Top 10 submissions for Most Popular RSS Apps will win a Nokia E72 and the Nokia N97 mini. The No. 1 submission will also win a cash prize of US$5,000 , and Spotlight placement in Ovi Store.

To be considered for this prize, select one of the four contest categories (Eco/Being Green; Entertainment; Productivity; and Life Improvement). All submissions for the Most Popular RSS Apps must be in by 10 June 2010. After that, who will win is up to you!

The Top 10 submissions will be determined based on the following criteria:

  • Innovative use of Ovi app wizard tool.
  • The marketing plans and tactics that you submit to us, demonstrating how you plan to promote your application in Ovi Store. We want to see your creativity - think of all of the online resources available to you (your website or blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Total downloads of your app from Ovi Store by 15 July 2010.
  • After the Top 10 are announced, the creators of the Top 10 will compete to see which app will be ranked No. 1. The Top 10 will have until 30 August 2010 to promote additional downloads for their app. At the end of August, downloads will be tallied again, and the app with the most out of the Top 10 will be crowned the Most Popular RSS App.

The winner will be announced in September, at the Awards Ceremony for Calling All Innovators during the Nokia Developer Summit.

[Press release courtesy of Nokia Philippines and BridgesPR]

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