Presidential Candidates Profiles Compilation for 2010 National Elections by CODE-NGO - Out Online!

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If you're still largely undecided on who to vote for as President this May 10, I bet you'll find this online copy of a compilation of presidential candidates' profiles made by CODE-NGO very helpful in making an informed choice.

(I suggest you read it even if you already have your 'manok'. We'll have to put up with anyone who gets elected anyway, so we might as well get to know these presidentiables a bit a more.)

Credit: CODE-NGO

This is a compilation of profiles of selected national candidates for the May 2010 Philippine elections. These profiles contain basic information, significant achievements and known advocacies of the national candidates. Much as we would want to include all the national candidates for the 2010 elections, time and resources serve as a significant limitation in accomplishing this.

The information in these profiles was taken from a research, mainly using various websites including the official websites of the candidates. - Caucus of Development NGO Networks

Read the online version of the profile compilation HERE (via

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  1. Intelligently done profiles. Thanks for posting this. Will use this as a guide for a better choice this coming election.

  2. ^

    Thanks for checking out TP. :)

    I'm glad you find the document helpful.


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