Samsung Champ C3300K - Specs, Price, Photos - The Next Corby?

Announced last Tuesday, May 19, 2010, Samsung C3300K Champ is designed for mobile users in developing countries who want an immersive and full-blown touchscreen phone with value-added features at an affordable price.

"With the launch of the Samsung Champ, we will strengthen our leadership within the overall touch screen handset category. The Champ is a perfect option for mobile users who want to snap up a full touch phone for the first time. We expect that the Samsung Champ will follow the success of the Star (model: GT-S5230) which achieved high sales volume at an affordable price point over the past year," said Younghee Lee, Vice President of Mobile Marketing, Samsung Electronics.

Stylish Design

The Samsung Champ is designed for young individuals who seek innovative and productive ways of using their mobile phones. With a stylish and ultra compact design, the Samsung Champ is a portable solution for users who don't want to sacrifice design for rich features. The device also has a curved form factor and comfortable grip and consumers can choose from a variety of colors: deep black, espresso brown, sweet pink or chic white.

Touch Screen Experience

Users can enjoy the Samsung Champ’s 2.4” full touch display and the integrative and intuitive experience that it offers. The Champ’s simple and intuitive menu format is designed to fit its compact size and is optimized for a small screen. The main screen features an extended 3x3 widget menu format with options for clock, calendar, shortcuts, and my buddies. The touch screen is also ideal for SMS with friends, downloading apps from Samsung Apps, or playing Java-based video games.

Rich Feature Set

Users will be pleased to learn that despite its affordable price point, the Samsung Champ offers a rich feature set. The Samsung Champ enables an immersive music experience with a built-in radio, 3D sound effects support and dual speaker system. With its long battery life, consumers won’t have to sacrifice portability for uptime and can enjoy hours of multimedia use. Users can download java applications from Samsung Apps. The Samsung Champ also offers Bluetooth connectivity and has a micro SD card reader with up to 8GB of memory support. Also, the phone comes with a headset and travel adapter.

The device will be launched in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America,and Europe starting in June. No word on exact pricing detail as yet but I believe Champ will have an SRP similar to Samsung Corby -- if not cheaper.

UPDATE as of August 1, 2010: One of the Champ variants, specifically Samsung Champ 3303K is now out in the Philippines with a retail price of roughly Php 5,000.

TP Thoughts:

This year, Samsung will be getting very tough competition from Nokia in capturing a sizable market share in developing regions. This phone, I believe, will guarantee a good fight in the entry-level category; So it's gonna be Nokia C-Series (Nokia C3, Nokia C6, etc) vs. Samsung Champ Line. Gee, I wonder who'll come out on top.

[Press Release Courtesy of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.]

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  1. Is it really that small? Or, it's just enough for a touch phone? :) Because, I'm having this one, soon. Please reply, asap. Thank you!

  2. its enough for a touchfone. its a little bit smaller than corby or genoa.. but elegant and slimmer. love mine! brown color. -tenje

  3. does it have games?

  4. 1.3 megapix nga eh! Anu ba!? Luk @ da back of da unit..

  5. I have this phone and i like it very much simple, stylish and the sound experience awesome... very responsive touch screen, easy to use and the battery last a long time.

  6. good stylish phone. I already bought it.

  7. can it connect to a wifi?

  8. as of april 2011, how much is this phone now?

  9. as of june much is this phone now??

  10. pls reply! asap!


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