Jollibee on Glee Delights Pinoys on Twitter

I swear it's just like seeing Charice on Oprah or Manny Pacquiao on Jimmy Kimmel Show -- It makes you feel prouder for being Pinoy ~ if a bit.

Number One Filipino fastfood chain, Jollibee, just made a cameo appearance on hit US TV-series Glee, playing as background to a dream-sequence-mob-dance-number by Artie and company. The scene was shot in Eagle Rock Plaza in Los Angeles, which is not-at-all in proximity to Ohio -- Glee's supposed setting. Watch the sequence here (courtesy of Yahoo! Video):

Here are a few tweets by Pinoys who've seen the video:

"Jollibee is a worldwide trending topic a while ago due to glee..dream scene of Artie..His dancing!!"
- chealseacathy

"When I saw the logo of Jollibee on Glee,I became so proud to be Filipino. :)"
- treyseegirl

"Nice. Jollibee trending just because it appeared on Glee? Very nice. xD"
- gimmeahellyeah

"omg did you see the jollibee store on glee? sooooo awesome!!"
- trishazzz

"Glee made me want jollibee nomnomnom"
- caratuts

"Jollibee in Glee's latest episode.... Proud to be a Filipino here!"
- elijahbringas

Yes, another one for Pinoy Pride!

Meanwhile, adrianjameson felt a bit disappointed because of one very important detail Glee clearly missed out on:

Akala ko pa naman lalabas talaga yung mascot na Jollibee sa Glee :)) Hahaha.

That's right! They should have gotten him to dance with the mob! Jollibee mascot is one fine dancer himself. Proof? Here.

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  1. Update! Glee just did another shooting of their new episode last night 03-29-11 at the same location.


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