Nokia Ovi Maps: How To Download, Find Places, Share Location - Photos from Own Voice, Turn-by-Turn Navigation Update Event

Last week, TechPinas received an invite from Nokia to attend a features update event on Ovi Maps. And because Nokia is Nokia (we all know that) and TP loves Nokia (quite needless to say), we graced the occasion.

Here are a few photos taken from the rather intimate event held in Glorietta last Friday (courtesy of Mr. Jay Luna, a genuine Juan Luna descendant):

The very beautiful Ms. Nikka Abes, Nokia Corporate Communications Manager, giving an introduction to Mr. Marcojos' Ovi Maps update presentation

Nikka with Mr. Rhomel Marcojos, Nokia Senior Services Marketing Manager

Rhomel explaining how Nokia users are enjoying the benefits of Ovi Maps -- like finding and sharing their location, finding the most happening destinations in town and using turn-by-turn navigation to get from here to there.

Nokia Ovi Maps has been downloaded 10 Million times; That's 1 download per second from its release right to this very moment.

Rhomel also explained the new Own Voice feature of Ovi Maps. To get a clear idea of how it works, please read the full press release:

Ovi Maps in your Own Voice

Lead the way, literally, with Own Voice for Ovi Maps. Own Voice lets you record and share your own navigation instructions for Ovi Maps, directly from your Nokia. Simply download the app to your device and as quickly as you can say various versions of "Turn left in 200m" 53 times, you'll have your very Own Voice pack for navigation.

The Own Voice app lets you create a new voice pack, taking you through each step of the process. Find a quiet space to record then let the app take you through each of the 53 required voice commands including "You have reached your destination". When you're done recording, add your name, hit save, and the voice pack is uploaded to the Own Voice website.

With 10 million downloads of Ovi Maps already on devices, there's sure to be no shortage of voices to choose from. The app lets you browse new voice packs by popularity and by recommendation (though you can also browse all voice packs). Want to share your creations with friends or the entire world? Easy! Own Voice has the ability to share voice packs by Facebook and Twitter and if you find one you really like (or hate) then you can rate it.

Own Voice for Ovi Maps is available only in English and is compatible with all Nokia devices which support the new version of Ovi Maps (3.03). You can get the Own Voice app today as a free download from the Ovi Store.

And speaking of free, Nokia has started to ship the Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 mini with a free car holder, charger, and pre-loaded Ovi Maps in the sales pack, making in-car navigation an absolute breeze. Devices that come bundled with a free car holder and pre-loaded Ovi Maps are the Nokia X6, Nokia E72, Nokia E52, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and Nokia 5230.

So, are you there yet?

Here's Ovi Maps app on Nokia N97 Mini

Me, the man behind TechPinas

The blogger guests

Guests again

Oh, and when you buy Nokia N97 and N97 Mini, you get this free car holder, which should come in handy when you use Ovi Map's free turn-by-turn navigation while driving. You may also buy the car holder separately if you're using other Nokia phones that support new features of Ovi Maps. (Check out PowerPoint file below for more details)

This is me playing as image model (not that I look like one, haha) for Ovi Maps on Nokia N97 Mini and the free car holder.

Here's the full Powerpoint Presentation given by Rhomel:

Nokia Ovi Maps Event PPT

Now, on the the How-tos:

1. How to Download Nokia Ovi Maps:

  • Through your Nokia smartphone web browser, download the latest Ovi Maps application and install.
  • On you PC, download Nokia Ovi Suite application from Then, on Nokia Ovi Suite, go to View Maps
  • Select and download your preferred voice guidance languages
  • Select and download your chosen country maps

2. How to Find Places and be in the Most Happenings Destinations in Town:

  • After opening Ovi Maps application, select Find Places
  • Type a specific restaurant, shopping center, tourist attraction, etc. or you may just Browse Categories
  • Choose from the list of Categories
  • A map will show you your selected destination

3. How to Share Location in Facebook Using Nokia Ovi Maps:

  • After opening the Ovi Maps application select Share Location/Place
  • Go online to use service? Choose Yes.
  • Log-in with your Ovi account then your Facebook account
  • Select location from the list
  • Share something exciting about where you are on your Facebook status
  • Add Photo from camera or just choose one from your gallery
  • Then, click Share Location

There you go. :)

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