Nokia N900 1.2 Software Update Out! How to Download PR 1.2 on Your N900?

Great news for Nokia N900 users (like me)! A new software update is coming to us tomorrow at the latest.

Version 1.2 (V10.2010.19-1) offers a slew of enhancements to our already amazing Maemo5 handset. These include face-to-face video calling, better email experience with bundled Facebook IM Chat that features the ability to accept or decline event invitations right from the inbox.

New games also join the veritable arcade already available on Ovi Store. Jurassic 3D Rollercoaster, Zen-bound, Sygic, Kroll, Weatherbug, GoGadget and a new level pack for Angry Birds (!!) are sure to keep you entertained. Note that Ovi Store will do a full switchover this Thursday, May 27, so these games and other for-purchase apps won't show up till then.

Ovi Maps on N900 also get a revamp with changes to the UI, helping you find your way around with greater ease.

Watch this 1.2 Update Preview Video for more info:

How to get 1.2 Software Update on your Nokia N900 (once it gets released tomorrow)?

1. Go to Apps Manager:

2. Click on update:

3. Look for Software Update 1.2 and Install:


If you're getting this warning while trying to do Over-the-Air (OTA) 1.2 upgrade on your N900, simply free up memory by uninstalling apps until memory available for apps goes up to around 2.5 GB and restart your phone:

That's the best solution for this roadblock.

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  1. Thanks for your post

  2. I get the following message
    "Nokia Software Updater has attempted to connect to the internet but has failed three times. This could be because of a poor-quality, slow, or intermittent internet connection, or restrictions due to a firewall If requested by your firewall, Nokia Software Updater needs the following applications to gain access to the internet: nsl_host_process.exe nsu_ui_client.exe" I have a GOOD internet connection. I have disable my Firewall! What else could be wrong? Please I need urgent Help!!!

  3. I get the same error message as Grace. Tried on 2 different computers and 2 different connections and got the same thing. I noticed was down earlier. Wondering if it could be a problem with everyone trying to update at once.

  4. I've also encountered this error while trying to update via Nokia Soft Updater :(

  5. I also have N900 but i have same problem encountered, the software update application always says there's an error on internet connection or maybe error on their server. Anyone can solve this? Thanks...

  6. i read one n900 owner’s experience. he said he had to delete tuxracer and some other application. i did as he did and tried ota and to my surprise it worked fine.

  7. i am fortunate then coz i didnt get any prob nung nag update ako... 2 days plang saken to. still very happy bout this phone...


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