Dear Noynoy: Pinoys on Facebook Write Notes to the New President

I know Congress has yet to officially proclaim Noynoy Aquino as the 15th President of the Philippines --

But if you're on Facebook and you've got something you wanna tell him (now that he's at the brink of taking over Gloria's post), you may leave the note here:

Click on photo to jump to the FB page

Dear Noynoy Aquino is a project of RockEd Philippines. It aims to provide a platform where Pinoys on Facebook can send thoughtful suggestions to the President-elect.

Quoting the page admin, who I believe is Miss Gang Badoy,

We have faith that the Filipino voter is capable of healthy discourse, capable of disagreeing respectfully, not to get personal nor rude, and that we FINALLY recognize that we live in a democracy and we are optimizing it. We will always appreciate leaders who listen to us, leaders who recognize that we are all, in our own way, significant to the nation. Salamat sa lahat ng nag-post dito.

I highly doubt Noynoy won't bother reading the messages, so if you want to be heard, click on the photo above to jump to the page.

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  1. Goodluck Philippines. We will all support and accompany NoyNoy through his journey being the New President of the Philippines. Goodluck!

  2. There is a similar advice page on Facebook: It's called NOYNOY'S CABINET: Making the Shortlist for the Next Set of Cabinet Officials. It is a campaign by ordinary Filipinos that consolidates various suggestions to help Noynoy choose the right officials for his Cabinet! Visit their site:

  3. Dear Noynoy Aquino,

    Congratulations Mr. President.

    My suggestions are as follows:

    1. Take out age discrimation in applying for a job here in our country.

    2. Labor laws should be reviewed and developed in protecting the rights of every Filipino workers in our Country. What's happening now, Big companies (multi nationals) are abusing the rights of it's employees. Force retirements even before reaching retirement age are being practiced. And if they don't need you anymore. they will find mistakes on you and fire you out. Cases had been filed with NLRC however, most cases against multi nationals are always decided in their favor. Kawawa ang Filipino employees.

    3. To get rid of those government officials who are corrupt.

    4. The ABS CBN BMPM project is an effective initiative to guard the votes of the people. Can we do a similar project during your term? This time, Volunteers to report the "CORRUPT" practices of government employees as well as the abuses of multi nationals to Filipino workers.

    Thank you, Good Luck and God Bless!!

  4. There is a similar advice page on Facebook: It’s called NOYNOY’S CABINET: Making the Shortlist for the Next Set of Cabinet Officials.

    Noynoy’s Cabinet is one concrete mechanism by which everyone of us can be involved. We request you to share with us your thoughts, opinions, and to suggest specific persons whom you see as qualified or competent to be assigned to Cabinet positions. We know this to be crucial if Noynoy would be an effective President. And we want to help him this early.

    Noynoy’s Cabinet is a targeted intervention. We specifically focused on Cabinet positions, something that is concrete and doable and within the purview of the Chief Executive. Other similar fan pages gather suggestions, but they are rather “catch-all” and some (if not most) may concern Legislative or Judicial interventions and therefore not in the direct purview of the President.

    Lastly, Noynoy’s Cabinet is an advocacy and community page on Facebook for ‘netizens’ like us who believe that even though we are private individuals who come from various ‘walks of life,’ we are nevertheless citizens of our beloved country, the Philippines, who have respective “voices” that are worth hearing and who are capable of contributing to nation-building, no matter how small or humble our ways are.

    Welcome to Noynoy’s Cabinet: Making the Shortlist for the Next Set of Cabinet Officials. Our podium… our platform to be heard!

    Visit their site:

  5. dear Mr.President:

    We salute you over your stand before the new chief justice for not taking your oath under hon.chief justice Corona. Please be firm and be consistent on your decision our beloved President. We are looking forward for free graft and corruption phillippines.Sir please take a deeper look over the GSIS financial concern specially the contribution of public school teacher,Mr. President our retired teachers are hungry waiting for their retirement benefits while GSIS bosses are lying on their BED OF ROSES,sir you are our hope because we believe in your advocacy "KUNG WALANG CORRUPT WALANG MAHIRAP" We love you Mr.President

  6. Mr President Noynoy Aquino
    New Administration

    pLPlease don not forget to do housekeeping first.... Clean up the foloowing agencies!

    Milking cows of Arroyo Administration
    1. GSIS
    2. LWUA
    3. DOTC - LTO

    Corrupted Minds of Arroyo Administration
    2. PNP
    3. DOJ
    4. Government Corporate Council

    THIS IS THE TOP PRIOITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese !

  7. Dear President Noynoy Aquino

    If you can get rid of money in this nation then you will be my true hero!!!


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