Nokia N900 Camera Sample Photos


1. I terribly miss dearest alma mater
2. I want to show you image quality of Nokia N900's camera

Here are some photos of the Ateneo Loyola Heights campus that I took during my visit last weekend using Nokia N900's 5 Megapixel Camera with Carl Zeiss lens.

Landscape mode
ISO Sensitivity - Automatic
White Balance - Automatic
Exposure - 0
Resolution - 5 Megapixels
No Flash
Time - 5:00 PM

Needless to say,

1. These photos haven't been edited.
2. You may click on them for larger view
3. Or steal them at you own risk. :)
4. Alma mater doesn't in any way promote Nokia N900. It merely served as subject.

I think the photos look good; Contrast is just right and there's little departure from true color integrity.

Definitely above average image quality from a cameraphone. Almost rivals that of full-fledged digicams, if you ask me.

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