Here are some cheats and tricks that you'd definitely find helpful when playing PopCap's Plants vs. Zombies:

1. How to defeat the FINAL Boss ?!

The Final Boss uses 2 attacks to crush everything in its path (except for zombies): The Fireball and the Iceball. To neutralize the fire ball, use an Ice Shroom on the same row but only in tandem with a Coffee Bean lest you want the Shroom to fall asleep. To neutralize the Ice Ball, use Chili pepper in the same row. Doing these will make it easier to attack the final boss and to kill it just like any other zombie.

Watch this video showing this trick in action:

2. Unlimited Sun

For this trick, you'll need Cheat Engine 5.6 -- Download it HERE.

How to Get Unlimited Sun in 10 Easy Steps:

Step 1 : Open Plants vs. Zombies and CE 5.6

step 2 : Click on the blinking computer icon in CE 5.6 . A Process List will pop out. Choose popcap1game.exe or plantsvszombies.exe

Step 3 : Go back to Plants vs. Zombies game and take note of the number of suns you currently have

Step 4 : Go back to CE 5.6 . Put the number of suns you have in the hex box (do NOT check or tic on the box beside it). Then, click First Scan.

Step 5 : After the First Scan , go back to Plants vs. Zombies and add a plant to your lawn . Again, remember the number of suns you have left after planting.

Step 6 : Go back to CE 5.6 . Put the number of suns in the hex box (do NOT check or tic on the box beside it). Then, click Next Scan.

Step 7 : After the Next Scan, an address window will pop out showing one result for both ADDRESS AND VALUE parameters .

Step 8 : Click on the figure (or number) below VALUE. Doing this will show a table at the bottom part of the window. On this table, click on the figure (or number) under VALUE.

Step 9 : After clicking on the number, a box will pop out. Change the value to the number of suns you want in the game. Click OK.

Step 10 : If you want to freeze the number of suns, you just need to tick on the Frozen box and the numbers of some will remain the same all throughout the game.

Here's a video to guide you through this cheat :

Increase Plant Growth

To increase your plant growth, here's what you do:

1. Disable full screen mode of Plants vs. Zombies
2. Go to your zen garden.
( 3. Note that after feeding the plants, it will usually takes up to thirty minutes before you can feed them again. This makes the growth process terribly slow. )
4. To be able to feed them at shorter intervals for faster growth, you just need change your computer's system time to an earlier value after every feeding session.

CAUTION: Changing system time to an earlier value can make your computer more vulnerable to online attacks. Do this trick at your own risk.


Type any of these cheats while playing the game for cool effects:

shows a shower of candies when a zombie dies

for alternate Lawn Mower appearance

adds futuristic shades to zombies

toggles zombies' brains-sound calls

shows daisies for every zombie you kill

gives zombies a mustache

makes zombies dance

There! I hope you find this helpful. :)

Have fun playing Plants vs. Zombies! :)

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