Download Firefox 4.0 Beta - Screenshots, Features

Great news for Firefox fans! Mozilla has just released the first beta for Firefox 4.0.

This latest iteration of the world's second most popular web browser has been much-anticipated for almost a year. Today however, it transitions from drawing board to reality; with more betas coming until its official release by Q4 of this year.

Firefox 4 offers a major upgrade from the versions it succeeded. It not only includes a revamped user interface (with tabs are now on top of the browser -- except for the Mac version), but likewise a plethora of additional features, including but not limited to enhanced hardware-accelerated HD video, WebSockets and HTML5 support. Firefox 4 also features the new 'Firefox Button' which keeps all your menu items are in a single location for easy access and reduced clutter.

If you're interested in trying out Firefox 4.0 Beta, you may download it here:

Note, however, that being an early beta version, you can't really expect it work like a final release. It will crash and frustrate you to Mozilla's benefit (as they will learn from it), which is what betas are all about.

I took the liberty of taking screenshots of my freshly installed Firefox 4.0 Beta browser. If you will, check them out:

Really, it looks a lot like the Opera 10 browser:

I'll post my review of Firefox 4.0 Beta soon. Please stay tuned.

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  1. i tested it, but it seems that ie9 is much faster, but unfortunately ie9 ui is not yet available, but ff4 looks really nice...

  2. firefox 4 final official download already out


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