Facebook Sex Video Scandal by Call Center Agent Puts Him in Jail

Caught this on TV Patrol just a few minutes ago.

A certain call center agent named (name of suspect removed) was arrested and locked in jail earlier today for allegedly uploading a sex video on Facebook. The suspect's ex-girlfriend, with whom he shared the all-too-intimate-moments captured on film, filed the complaint -- citing that the man uploaded the video online without her knowledge and even used the file to harass her and to force her into re-entering the relationship.

In the face of serious accusations, (name of suspect removed) stated that he doesn't feel sorry for uploading the illicit video on the popular social networking site -- as it became his way of getting back on the girl for 'fooling' him. He told Alex Santos of TV Patrol,

"I loved her so much. I hate the fact that she fooled me. Me as well is a victim.
I was fooled and blinded by love."

The suspect is now facing charges for alleged violation of Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act of 2004 and the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009.

(Name of suspect removed) will be temporarily staying in jail while awaiting court hearing on his case. If proven guilty, he will have to serve prison for 3 to 7 years.

LESSON: Don't upload sex video on Facebook. Don't shoot sex video. Practice chastity.

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  1. thanks. i was just looking for this myself. heard about it 5mins ago ^^

  2. I want a copy of this video.. I wanna how both of them performs in bed. Maybe the guy is just a lousy fucker that is why his gf left him.. Hahaha.. In callcenter industry, you can't stick to one sex partner in your entire stay. You gotta have multiple partners.. That's a fact. Welcome to the callcenter world. That is why a lot of callcenter workers today has HIV, STD and worst AIDS. =)

  3. pd b makita sex video? san mkkta?

  4. 7 years in jail? May bond bang babayaran kung gustong umalis ng less than 7 years?

  5. san mahanap ung vid?

  6. mahahanap yung video sa mga tindera ng DVD

  7. you can find the videos in your imaginations...

  8. you never "do", "did" or "have done" an info. you give out, provide or disseminate info... mango ngorek ka na lang mali pa....

  9. yahoo mesenger


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