Nokia X5 Square Slider - Chris Carr Talks About X5-01 Form Factor

TechPinas Exclusive:
Nokia Connection 2010 -- Nokia Asia Pacific Vice-President for Sales, Chris Carr, shares the story behind the design identity of Nokia X5 - the world's first full QWERTY square slider handset.


Paolo Manzano of HWM Philippines: So now you're coming up with a device that's square. Is there any reliable insight as to why you have this new form factor or is it something experimental? Or is it based on actual study that says consumers want this form factor?

Chris Carr: Can I take all of the above? I think the reality is that [...] it's part of [being a] market leader. You need to lead. You need to innovate. You need to shape and influence the market. So we take insights from different consumer groups. And you know, one of the insights or some of the feedback that we get is that "You guys are the market leader. What are coming up with that's different? What are coming up with that's new?" and I think [Nokia X5] is a good example of a product which has been through a heavy series of user testing etc. to get feedback from specific segments and the youth female segment has responded very positively to it.

Someone from the Philippine delegation then asked, "So from the lipstick to the compact [powder]?" -- A lighthearted yet fitting question answered by nods of agreement and burst of laughter from almost everyone. If anything, Nokia studies its various consumer segments well and responds to their needs accordingly. This phone is yet another testament to that.

Nokia X5-01 in the Philippines

I believe we should be hearing word from Nokia on X5-01's availability in the Philippines anytime soon. Please stay tuned for updates.

*Thanks for the video, Alexei. :)

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  1. hope this will be available soon>>

  2. kylan magiging available to? i want one! meron ngbebenta sa pero tga south.. :( metro manila lang ako.

  3. hahahaha,have one and don't know if am alone to have it in our place, have nothing to say with it and like it so much.. what else you can say when you think about innovation? like it so much..... and everybody says, it's cuteeee.

  4. this phone's so cute. hope this will be available in the Philippines real soon! :D


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