Free Bumpers for iPhone 4 Owners - Steve Jobs Himself Announced

In an effort to quell the deluge of complaints regarding iPhone 4 signal reception, Steve Jobs announced just a few minutes ago at the iPhone 4 Press Conference being held in Cupertino CA that Apple will be handing free bumpers to all current iPhone 4 owners and to all customers who will purchase their handsets before the 30th of September.

iPhone Bumper

Apple will offer its own bumpers (pictured above), but since the company cannot make millions of bumpers fast enough for all users, cases and bumpers made by other manufacturers will also be included in the options. Every iPhone 4 owner will be given the chance to pick which bumper he or she would like to pair with his or her phone.

Those who already own an iPhone 4 can apply for a free bumper via starting next week. "Pick a case, zoom, we'll send it off to you. That simple."

iPhone 4 owners who already bought a bumper from Apple prior to this announcement will get a refund. They may also return their phones for a full refund within 30 days as long as their units are undamaged.

"We want to take care of everyone. We want every user to be happy," Steve Jobs said.

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