TechPinas' Favorite Blogs by Filipinos - 1st Serving


1. Good stuff are always worth sharing
2. Really good Pinoy blogs rarely - if at all - get the recognition they deserve,

I'd like to recommend some blogs by fellow Pinoys that I enjoy regularly visiting.

In random order:

1. Mga Litrato ni Jay

This is - hands-down - one of the best Pinoy photoblogs I've seen. The photos are so good that Jay doesn't even have to write supporting stories behind them. His shots speak to you.

2. Legally Bald

Legally Bald is Poma's take on travel and food blogging. And what I like about it is that the approach is very down to earth. When reviewing food, for example, Poma focuses on the overall experience and the feeling one gets when eating a well-prepared meal -- instead of dwelling too much and eventually getting lost in ingredients and spices.

3. Darla Sauler

Few entertainment blogs - not just in the Philippines but the world over - can claim to get news straight from source and not from concentrate -- Darla Sauler is one of those. As an employee of ABS-CBN, Darla has access to first-hand showbiz information. But what really makes everything work for her blog is that she also happens to have a personal relationship with the stars she writes about.

4. JehzLau Concepts

I call Jehzeel Laurente "Pinoy Internet Idol" -- because really, that's what he is. When everyone thought that it's impossible to earn money online, Jehz showed us that it's possible and even went further by selflessly teaching others how it's done.

5. In-Manila

Armed with her Nikon D90, Mia scours the busy streets of Manila with one goal in mind: To show the world, via her photos, that our nation's capital is as exciting, as beautiful, as dramatic and as historic as some of the greatest cities in the world.

6. Gabe Bondoc Music

Oh, everyone knows this guy. To me, he's easily the best Pinoy singer on Youtube. This is his blog.

7. Calvin's Hub

8. MillionaireActs

If my memory serves me right, Tyrone was actually my ROTC-CWS classmate back at the Ateneo [La Mesa Dam tree-planting, yes]. This man's a math-genius and he knows his finances well. Really, we all should be taking note of his money tips.

9. Pinoy Mountaineer

Mt. Malarayat in Batangas is the first mountain I ever climbed. The experience became wonderful not just because of the great people I climbed the mountain with but also because I was able to read about the geology, history and myth surrounding Malarayat via Pinoy Mountaineer even before I hopped on a bus going there.

10. The Diary of a Supergirl Wannabe

Bianca Gonzales is not just a pretty face, she's also an amazing woman -- strong, smart, focused, determined, proudly Filipino. Her blog gives you a glimpse of the things and values she holds dear.

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