Facebook: Philippines' Top Search Keyword for 2010 - According to Google Insights for Search

Philippine search engine activity data gathered by Google Insights for Search from January to July 2010 show that "Facebook" is the leading keyword in the country this year -- beating out 2009 top query, "Philippines".

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Google Insights for Search allows users to discover and compare search volume patterns across specific regions, time frames, categories and properties.

Here are The Philippines' Top 10 Search Keywords on Google from January to July 2010:

1. facebook
2. lyrics
3. you
4. yahoo
5. love
6. youtube
7. games
8. google
10. mail

Facebook can now be considered as the most successful social networking site to penetrate the Philippines. Note that keyword related to its main rival, "Friendster", only peaked at # 3 during its supposed heydays (2007-2008).

Lyrics, on the other hand, has nothing to be shy about being seated at the 2nd spot this year. That keyword has been steadily holding that position since Google rolled out Insights for Search in 2004 -- talk about consistency. In fact, "Lyrics" even landed on #1 in 2008.

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1 comment:

  1. Yes. I do not know the statistics, maybe facebook has is empowered by flash. you do not need to look for a layout. in friendster, you can only put comments and testimonials, as well as widgets that will never work on Microsoft XP and Linux (only for Vista).

    In facebook, their flash widgets are compatible with all operating system. Facebook is miles better than Friendster. Even I, I get tired of just putting comment accepting friend request... Ahh, nothing more.


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