Lady Gaga Gets 10 Million Followers on Facebook, Becomes Most Popular Living Thing on the Site

It's official: Lady Gaga has passed the 10-Million-followers mark on Facebook, making her the most popular living thing in the social networking site.

Photo courtesy of CelebBuzz

Last June 25, Lady Gaga overtook Barack Obama as the Most Popular Living Person on Facebook but it wasn't until TODAY that Gaga became the First Living Thing to achieve 10 Million followers on the site. As of 2:30 PM July 4, 2010, Lady Gaga has 10,420,425 fans on FB.

Despite this incredible feat though, Lady Gaga continues to face very stiff competition before she becomes an absolute dominatrix of the social networking world. The Late Great King of Pop, Michael Jackson currently has some 14 million Facebook fans and counting while non-living thing Texas Hold’em Poker has more than 20 million followers.

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  1. Excuse but Leo Messi has more than 12000000 in less than 2 months check it out


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