MicroSIM Adapter and SIM Cutter for iPad and iPhone 4 Spotted in Sulit

What's not in Sulit?

and what won't factories in China make?

aamd of Sulit is selling the adapter for Php 220 and the cutter with 2 free adapters for Php 1,700.

Alternatively, if you're not too fussy about rough edges, you may use a pair of scissors to cut your regular sized sim for free. Globe has released PR on Tattoo MicroSIM - powered by a new Php 999 Unlimited Data Plan - but I'm not sure if it's available as yet.

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  1. we are selling at only 1200, visit regalo168.com

  2. sir, saan po na usually ginagamit ang micro sim? sa iPhone po ba? Thanks

  3. worm wheel hobs
    Capital tool industries is a long established company producing quality Gear Cutting Tools

  4. ginagamit yan sa iPad at iPhone 4 lng... :) yun kasi mga micro sim ang kailangan dun eh...


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