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Keith J. from Quezon City emailed TP this question just this morning:
"TP, would you know a good website where I could download free PSP games?"

Hi Keith!

Pinoy Internet Idol, Jehzeel Laurente, has a few downloadable PSP games on his site. From what I remember, he has Rockband, Bleach, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Gundam Senjou No Kizuna and X-Men Origins.

You may also go to PSP Mania Online for more free PSP games. The admin has just posted Hot Shots Tennis Get A Grip, Ys Felghana no Chikai and Pro Cycling Manager Season 2010.

Finally, there's This site has an extensive list of free PSP games including Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix, Armored Core: Formula Front, Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX, Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles and Iron Man.

There you go. I hope you find this helpful.

Thanks for the inquiry!

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