Globe Fully Loaded Plan - FREE Phones, Rates, Freebies - Globe My Fully Loaded Postpaid Plan Details

Globe wants you to mix and match freebies.

Introducing Globe My Fully Loaded Postpaid Plan:

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Pick your Plan

Plan 299
Plan 499
Plan 999
Plan 1799
Plan 2499
Plan 3799

Step 2: Pick your Freebies (look at photo above for reference)

Plan 299 – Choose 1 from A-D
Plan 499 – Choose 2 from A-D
Plan 999 – Choose 3 from A-E
Plan 1799 – Choose 5 from A-E
Plan 2499 – Choose 7 from A-E
Plan 3799 – Choose 9 from A-E or Choose 1 F

These are the following freebies that you may get with your fully loaded plan:

A – Get FREE calls and texts to Globe/TM (10 minute calls and 200 SMS)
B – Get FREE calls and texts to other networks (5 minute calls and 25 SMS)
C – Get FREE International calls and texts to 10 Destinations (20 minute IDD calls and 10 International SMS)
(Here are included call and text international destinations: US, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska)
D – Get FREE mobile surfing (free surfing of up to 3 hours)
E – Get FREE Globe Super One -- unlimited calls and texts to ONE GLOBE NUMBER
F – Get FREE Globe Super Surf (Unlimited Surfing - EXCLUSIVE TO PLAN 3799)

* Plan 299 and Plan 499 subscribers may also add E but Php 100 pesos will be deducted from the consumable load.

* Each freebie that you choose to go with your plan is set to auto-renew every thirty days. You will be given the option to change freebie-combinations every month, which you can do simply by calling the Globe Hotline or by going to a Globe Store near you.

Step 3: Add your FREE handset

Plan 299: Samsung E2120 or Nokia 1680
Plan 499: Samsung C3053 or Nokia 2690
Plan 999: Samsung C3510 or Nokia X3
Plan 1799: BlackBerry Curve 8520 or HTC Tattoo
Plan 2499: Samsung B7610 or Nokia X6
Plan 3799: iPhone 3GS 16GB or BlackBerry Bold 9700

Here are the Fully Loaded Plan Rates:

Plan 299 to Plan 999:
PhP 6.50 per minute to another Globe or TM number
PhP 7.50 per minute to other networks

Plan 1799 to Plan 3799:
PhP 6.00 per minute to another Globe or TM number
PhP 6.50 per minute to other networks

For more info, contact Globe 24-Hour Call-in Service:
Dial 211 - Toll-free using your Globe mobile phone
(02) 730-1000 - Toll-free using your Globe Landline in Luzon and VisMin

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  1. Thank Goodness i did not dump my prepaid and jump at My SuperPlan with superunli or Superduo and Supertxt right away. I am getting the 299 with freebie A or B and will register to Superduo.

  2. This promo sucks! Y? because if ever your did not fully consume or use your monthly consumable load e.q. plan 499-3799, the remaining load that you have will not carry to the next month & it will be just be forfeited. How strategic & wise Globe Telecom used Filipino subscribers. In the U.S. where AT&T & Sprint & Orange, they have this monthly plans that have free calls & free text. e.q. You opted for a plan of $50/month w/c has free mins worth of call & text, if ever you did not consume all your free calls & text, it will be carry over to the next month. So no free calls & text are wasted & you fully maximize the money you paid for. How i wish this will happen in the postpaid business here in the Philippines .

  3. RE: Globe Fully Loaded Plan

    As far as the globe plans are concerned... FREE?! Nothings free. They just give you a reason to pay more for more "free" stuff. I'd pick the Superplan over this FULLY LOADED thing. Globe wants to keep on controlling everything.

  4. is this good or its just a way of globe in attracting people to subscribe?i need reply.thnx

  5. Useless article. Might as well have given the URL to Globe's site.

  6. it's good...

  7. At least, it is now clear how this plan rates works. Nice post.

  8. you cant activate a postpaid sim on your own. you have to bring it to any globe for them to activate it. and you can only get a postpaid sim, if you have applied for a postpaid plan. if you haven't availed your postpaid plan, then why do you have a postpaid sim?!

  9. hey if you buy P999 is the cellphone already free?

  10. i will have 499 load n the freebies? the load cant be used for unli txting?

  11. I would just like to ask if is there any "requirements" for globe plan phones?


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