FREE Samsung Galaxy S to Frustrated iPhone 4 Users in UK

Samsung UK has decided to dispatch free Samsung Galaxy S phones to a handful of lucky (or rather, 'influential') Tweeps who wrote about their problems with their iPhone 4s.

@joseespinosa* Hi Jose, sorry about the problems you had with the iPhone 4. DM your contacts and we’ll send you a free Galaxy S! #GalaxyS

They've given one to Digital Network, one to this girl from Conde Nast and another to this *tech-blogger/digital-marketing-guru.

I'm not sure if the execution is 100% clever but I think the concept is totally daring and bursting with confidence. If anything, this proves that Samsung is aiming for nothing but the top and is not afraid to go head to head with the supposed industry leader. The brand has clearly gone so far over the last few years.

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