Let's Make Noynoy Aquino The Most Popular Nation Leader in Online Social Networks, Make Him Number One in Famecount

Not that our President really needs it or that it will directly help nation building -- But I think seeing Noynoy Aquino on top of The Most Popular Politicians in Social Networks list will give the whole world an impression that we, The Filipino Nation, support our leader and that we can unite towards achieving a clear goal. Who knows? It could even help our tourism industry and bring in investors.

If the American people can catapult their President, Barack Obama, on top of Famecount's list, then I believe that we, the Filipino people, can likewise do that -- for we join our Nation Partner, The United States of America, in our desire to see our respective leaders bring in the change that will make our lives better. The landslide victories of both Obama and Aquino are a solid proof to this.

Famecount is currently the leading online service that measures the popularity of politicians, personalities, objects and ideas (among others) online. Popularity is based on number of followers in three leading social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Famecount's statistical method is powered by the API's of the various services to retrieve information that is kept continually up to date. Data gathered by the site are manually categorized, processed and ordered into the pages you see. Famecount has a patent pending on the concept and way in which data is organised, processed and presented in this application (application number GB1011049.2).

Here's Famecount's current Top 20 List in the Popular Politicians category:

Notice that our President, Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino III, is nowhere in the list. I believe this is because Famecount used the wrong Facebook account to measure his stats. As a Pinoy who voted for Noynoy in the 2010 National elections, this infuriated me -- so I wrote Famecount this note last night:


Hi! Please note that Benigno "Noynoy" S. Aquino's official Facebook page can be found in this URL: facebook.com/noynoy.aquino?ref=ts&v=wall

Please use this page to measure online popularity of our President instead of the one you're currently using. Thanks!

To which Famecount replied (just this morning):


Thank you very much for pointing this out. We had accidentally deleted this data- I have now readded. You should see him in the famecount index from tomorrow, quite high up the global politician rankings.


Thanks again,

Famecount team

OK. So now we're back on track.

Fellow Pinoys (saanman sa mundo), let's make our dear President, Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino III, the Most Popular Nation Leader in Social Networks (and hence, on Famecount) by following his official accounts in Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Log-in to your accounts, click on these links and hit the Follow, Like and Subscribe buttons, respectively.

Noynoy Aquino Official Twitter Page
Noynoy Aquino Official Facebook Page
Noynoy Aquino Official Youtube Page

As of 11:58 PM, June 5, 2010, Noynoy Aquino has:

1,570,966 followers on Facebook
88,751 followers on Twitter
760 subscribers on Youtube

I will update this post from time to time to show you the results of our campaign. Hopefully we'll see Noynoy in the Top 10 within this week.

UPDATE as of 9PM, July 7, 2010: Noynoy Aquino now holds #13 position in Famecount Politicians Rankings --

*Based on March 2010 Statistics, there are already more than 11 Million Filipinos on Facebook.

Come on, guys! Let's make this happen! :)

Mabuhay ka, Noynoy! Mabuhay ang Bagong Pilipinas!

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