Snow Leopard: Minimum System Requirements, Upgrading Macbook Running on Mac OS X 10.4.11 to 10.6

Wonderland101 of PEx posted this inquiry on our Ask TP thread yesterday:
"Hi, is it [...] possible [...] to upgrade my MacBook 2,1 [with Mac OS X] version 10.4.11 to the newer versions [of the OS] like 10.5.3 and so on? And i'm also planning to buy Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Is it compatible [with] my MacBook 2,1 [...]? Thanks"

Hi Wonderland101! Thanks for the inquiry.

If your Macbook has at least 1 GB of RAM, then yes, you can update your OS to newer versions -- even up to the latest one, which is Snow Leopard.

Here are the minimum system requirements for updating to Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard):

Taken from Philippine Launch of Mac OS X v10.6 held at
Makati Shang, September 1, 2009, Credit: TechPinas

An Apple computer with an Intel Processor
1GB of Memory (RAM)
5GB of hard drive space (Storage)
DVD drive for installation

Apple's shipped all Macbooks with an Intel processor and at least 60 GB of hard drive space. Just make sure your system has at least 1 GB of RAM, since there's a Macbook model from late 2006 that was shipped with only 512MB of memory.

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