iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo Video Creator Suspended by Employer, Best Buy, For Shooting Down iPhone, Faces Termination

25-year old Best Buy employee, Brian Maupin, got suspended from his job last Thursday and is now facing imminent firing for posting a Youtube video that shoots down iPhone 4 and its fans, hinting that those who buy the device hardly employ basic logic and sound judgement when making a phone purchase.

Source: Tiny Watch Productions Facebook Page

Maupin told Associated Press that he was given the "choice to either quit or the HR people can decide what they want to do." He refused to quit and was consequently told he could be fired for posting his creative work online.

"The earlier ones were just kind of inside jokes. Crazy customers. They took it that I was bashing the company, and stockholders were going to be upset [...] All the entry-level people thought it was hilarious," Maupin shares. "Maybe corporate should laugh at themselves."

While Best Buy high ups failed to see the humor in Maupin's amateur film, millions of people from across the globe apparently have. The iPhone 4 vs. HTC video has gotten almost 3 Million page views since it was uploaded last June 24 and has become this month's #4 Most Favorited Comedy Video on Youtube:

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  1. All the things he said in the video true though ahhaha


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