Naruto Manga 501 ENGLISH SCANS, Confirmed Spoiler, Prediction, Review

Naruto Manga 501 English SCANS are out. Read them here. Scans are courtesy of MangaStream. TechPinas does NOT in any way claim ownership of the material and would be willing to take it down without ado upon request of its rightful owner.

UPDATE: We have the CONFIRMED Spoiler

Status: Confirmed
Credits: Ohana
Translation: Agoniy & Satoshii

501: The Attack of The Nine Tails

Minato grabs Naruto back and send him back home instantly by using Hiraishin.

Madara extracts the Kyuubi out and Kushina dies.

The 9 tails goes crazy.

Evryone’s looking at kyuubi and minato is standing on a tree carrying kushina. He sends kushina back to his house and wears the hokage shirt and goes out.

Special moment: Itachi is carrying baby sasuke,looking at the moon and felt strange.

Simply put, Minato is just so cool.

Baby Sasuke and baby Naruto are shown.

501: Attack of the 9tails!!

I’ll use my PC later.

Madara is terrible!

Baby Naruto has tags (for Hiraishin? Idk) attached to him, and [I don't understand this part]. [ ほう means cheek(s), so i'm hoping it has something to do with Naruto's whiskers, but i have no idea. haha ]

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As yet, no spoiler for Naruto Manga 501 is available online. In the meantime, you might want to read this well-crafted chapter prediction by The Special One:

Written by: The Special One

Parents' Sacrifice (Part 1)

(Minato and Kushina look on in fear as their newborn child is held at ransom.)

Kushina: “NARUTO!” (She squirms and reaches out for her child’s safety as tears leak from her face, Minato keeps one hand on her seal and places the other hand on her shoulder, trying to console her as sweat drips down Minato’s face.)

Minato (in thought): “This is not happening.”

Kushina: “DO SOMETHING MINATO! OUR BABY BOY! WE CAN’T LET ANYTHING HAPPEN TO HIM!” (Minato snarls and glares at the masked man.)

Masked Man: “What will it be, the Kyuubi or your newborn child? Your patience is making my hands slip.” (Minato is infuriated by the masked man’s last remark.)


Masked Man: “You threaten me, the captor? That’s a ballsy move given the situation you’re in. Then again you are the Yellow Flash, I should expect no less.”

(A striking flash of the Kyuubi’s fierce face can be seen through Kushina’s mind as she snaps back to reality. Kushina grabs Minato’s arm.)

Minato: “Kushina?”
Kushina: “It’s ok Minato. I know what must be down.”


Minato (in thought): “He was able to take down 5 elite Anbu without a single one of them alerting his position to us. He must be skilled. He also managed to get to this room and defeat Biwako and Taji right in front of my eyes, yet there were no signs of infiltration from the door in back of me. This guy, he’s using a space time transfer all right and he’s passing right through solid matter . He’s holding my son, so there must be a time in which he’s solid. I’ll use that opportunity.” (Minato squints as he squeezes out more of his chakra onto Kushina’s stomach.)

(Masked man takes notice of Minato’s action, but doesn’t commit to anything.)

Kushina: “Minato?” (Minato bends down and whispers to Kushina.)

Minato: (Whispering) “I used some of my chakra to keep the seal at bay. It won’t last long, but it will be enough to save Naruto. Just believe, I won’t let anything happen to Naruto as long as this body of mine draws breath.”

(Kushina blushes after hearing Minato’s words. Minato removes his hand from her belly and he digs into his pocket.)

Minato (in thought): “Sarutobi sama did say be prepared for anything. It wouldn’t be wise if everyone else was on guard yet the Hokage wasn’t. I’m sorry old man, I’ll avenge your wife and all those who was killed today.”

Masked Man: “Have you made your choice?” (Not even a second after the Masked man uttered his last word, Minato vanishes in a cloud of smoke and resurfaces in another cloud of smoke right in front of the Masked Man.)

Masked Man (in thought): “The fuck?” (Minato immediate reaches out for his son; his hand barely brushes up against the forehead of Naruto. The Masked Man uses the swirling affect beaming off of his mask to send Minato into another dimension. The scene switches over to that realm of boxes. Minato is shocked at what he sees.)

Minato: “Where am I? No way… That guy… He placed me here. Not good. Crap, my next check point is marked at the Hokage’s office. But that’ll take too long to get from there to where the others are… WAIT! (Minato remembers that he touched Naruto’s head.) I got to him in time.” (The scene switches back to the real world. The Masked man laughs manically.)

Masked man: “AH, HAH, HAH, HAH! Yes! Konoha’s Yellow Flash has been permanently put out of the picture. Now, the Fox is mine. (Kushina looks displeased.) As for the child, he’s worthless now.”

Kushina: “NARUTOOOOO!” (Masked man fails to realize that on top of Naruto’s head is a rite, left on there by Minato before being whisked anyway. In seconds Minato appears on the Masked man’s right side, before he can use his distortion affect, Minato delivers a straight cross puch, cracking the mask near the right eye. Masked man is still stunned from the blow. Minato completes a spinning maneuver and delivers a spinning punch off of his offhand.)

Minato (in thought): “Sharingan!?” (As the Masked man goes flying, Naruto is loose in the air. Minato goes out to catch him, he succeeds... Minato places Naruto on the ground and then summons a medium sized toad, it turns out to be Gerotora. Minato places Naruto in Gerotara’s hands.)

Gerotora: “This your kid?”
Minato: “Get out of here and keep him safe!”

(Gerotora throws Naruto on his back, claps his hands, and then poof into a cloud of smoke. Minato looks over to Kushina.)

Minato: “How’s the seal holding out over there?!”
Kushina: “It’s nothing compared to having Naruto!”
Minato: “Good, just hold on a little longer, I’ll reinforce the seal after I figure out a way to beat this guy.”

(In the crack of the wall, the Masked man stumbles to his knees.)

Masked Man (in thought): “I should have prepared for this. He’s much more troublesome than I gave him credit for. He tagged his son, which was his plan from the beginning. He used that to deliver his counter attack all the while getting his son to safety; he did it in a flash. He’s lethal, and there’s no way I can win conventionally. I’ll have to play my ace. I rather not do this.”

(The Masked man begin making handseals Minato looks to the Masked man location, immediately, underneath the ground, disturbances can be heard. The ground begins to crack underneath Minato, so he leaps out of the way and lands near Kushina to protect her.)

Kushina: “What’s going on?” (Immediately, Gedou Mazou emerges from the ground and faces Kushina and Minato.)

Minato: “What the hell is that?” (The statue has its eyes covered up. Before Minato can react, a beam of light hits Kushina, Minato has a horrified look. Kushina yells out in pain.)


Minato: “KUSINA! (The seal around Kushina’s stomach stars to unravel.) NOOOOOO! (Kushina’s face turns pale as Minato loses it. He firsts uses body flicker and instantly appears on top of the statue. He repeatedly slaps the statue with rapid Rasengan shots from both hands. He then notices he can’t even put a dent in it. He then turns to face the masked man, who is standing proudly. Minato goes through him with a Rasengan, but it doesn’t affect him. Minato then attacks from every angle, hitting the he
does it again, again, and again. He constantly pounds through the Masked man to no avail. Thick tears run down Minato’s face as he continues his onslaught.)

Masked man (in thought): I can’t control the statue as well as Nagato can, but since the seal is so weak on the host, the amount of chakra I used to jump start the Bijuu extraction should be suffice. The statue will likely crumble, but I can always use Nagato to create another one at a bit of a cost.” (Minato gives up on attacking the Masked man and notices that the statue is cracking, but he also sees his wife going through the Kyuubi transformation as spiraling red chakra beings to erupt. Minato rushes to her aide despite desperate hope.)

Next time: Parents’ Sacrifice Part II.

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  1. wow.. nice! :)

  2. "The Special One's" Predictions are so terrible. When has he ever been right? Firstly, you'd think after so many years of Naruto being out, he'd have a grasp of how LONG each chapter should be.

    Secondly, he has no idea how each character reacts / speaks / interacts with one another.

    I feel like I just read some weaboo's short story of Naruto pulled out of their ass. Please stop posting his terrible "predictions".

    My advice to "The Special One", just wait for the spoiler / manga like everyone else. This doesn't suit you.


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