Acer Aspire One Happy : Official Specs, Price, Photos

Along with Acer Aspire One D255, Acer Aspire One Happy was officially released in the Philippines last Thursday.

acer aspire one happy

Happy shares largely similar specifications as those of D255; Same dual core Intel Atom N550 chip, same amount of RAM installed, same disk space, same dual boot functionality -- name it. Heck, even their dimensions, weight and form factor are identical.

acer aspire one happy

The main difference between the two models lies in the hues. Happy comes in - well - happier shades while D255 has more corporate or so-to-speak traditional plastic case colors.

Acer Philippines positions Acer Aspire One Happy, which comes in Lime Green, Candy Pink, Hawaii Blue, Lavender Purple, as the perfect digital accessory for young, fashionable netbook users who are very mobile and constantly connected with their online social networks.

acer aspire one happy

Here are the complete technical specs of Acer Aspire One Happy --

acer aspire one happy

Happy is now available nationwide via authorized Acer distributors. The official recommended retail price is Php 23,900, similar to the price tag of Acer Aspire One D255.

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  1. anu mas mgnda e2 poh oh ung samsung n150plus ?? pls reply !


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