Windows Phone 7 Philippines : Smart Communications, Official Partner of Microsoft for WP7 Launch

Smart Communications has just been named as the official and exclusive partner of Microsoft Corporation for the launch of Windows Phone 7 handsets in the Philippines happening sometime this Q4 2010.

windows phone 7 philippines
HTC 7 Mozart, One of the first WP7 models to be unveiled by Microsoft

"We are very happy to join forces with Smart as we bring an enhanced digital experience to the Filipino public through Windows Phone 7. With this partnership, we hope to maximize the potential of the smartphone market and let the Filipinos take full advantage of the benefits of the mobile lifestyle," shares Mr. John Bessy, Microsoft Philippines Managing Director

Mr. Napoleon Nazareno - Smart Communications President, on the other hand, shares --

"In the past year, we have seen a rise in the use of data—something that we have eagerly anticipated for quite some time now. We saw the surge in the use of mobile Internet—for e-mail, browsing and social networking—plus a host of other data-related transactions using Smart mobile phones. These developments are clear opportunities for Smart services to grow and move forward, to help us succeed in bringing our customers closer to the future of telecommunications."

Inquirer (story source) reports that the partnership venture between Microsoft and Smart actually started as early as last year. The two companies have, in fact, been working closely to provide a special combination of service platforms to [effectively] introduce Windows Phone 7 locally.

No wonder Smart let Globe snatch iPhone 4 just like that. The former has been cooking something big all along.

I have a good feeling about this. WP7 handsets could hit it big in the Philippines - considering how much Filipinos enjoy staying in touch with their online social networks and this is exactly the area in which this OS seems to excel on - but it all starts with affordable handsets and attractive plan bundles.

Watch Windows Phone 7 Demo via the link.



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