Nexus Two by Samsung : Twitter Trending Topic, Spotted by Gizmodo Source!

Wondering why this "Nexus Two" keyword is trending on Twitter right now? What's it about, you ask?

nexus two

Well, Nexus Two is actually a smartphone. It's the rumored follow up to Google Nexus One (duh?) assembled by HTC and released earlier this year. Remember that phone? The one with the sizable screen and a trackball?

I believe the topic is currently seeing itself on the trends list largely because of this borderline-incredible story in Gizmodo. One of their many sources apparently saw Nexus Two in the wild, claimed that it's made by Samsung and described how it looks like in-the-flesh.

Quoting Gizmodo --

nexus two

nexus two

Hot. I like the tapered sides. That certainly looks better than Samsung Galaxy S design-wise.

But is the screen gonna be AMOLED or SuperAMOLED? Because there's a big difference between the two. I certainly hope it's the latter. Oh, I can't wait for this SuperAMOLED shortage to end.

Stay tuned for updates.

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