8 Facts About The New Macbook Air : What to Tell Your Friends

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Here are 8 amazing New Macbook Air facts that you can throw at your friends over coffee with that nonchalant 'I've always known this' look on your face --

1. There are actually two new Macbook Air notebooks; A 13-inch model and a smaller 11-inch model. Rather incredibly, both have the same depth -- 0.11-inches at the thinnest point and 0.68-inches at the thickest.

new macbook air

2. The New Macbook Air flaunts an aluminum unibody enclosure similar to that of the Macbook Pro. This means that the case of the 2010 MBA is crafted from a single block of aluminum.

3. The 11-inch Macbook Air comes with a price tag of only $999 -- similar to that of the 2009 White Macbook. This effectively makes the 11-inch MBA one of the most affordable Apple notebooks ever released.

4. The 11-inch Macbook Air only weighs 2.3 lbs! This gives it the title as 'The Lightest Apple Notebook Ever'!

new macbook air

5. The two New MacBook Air notebooks are actually the first of a new generation of Apple notebooks that leaves behind mechanical rotating hard drive in favor of solid state flash storage. Apple's custom-designed flash storage is 90% smaller and lighter than a conventional laptop hard drive, contributing to MacBook Air's featherweight design and making it possible for Apple to put more battery in the notebook -- giving a whopping 30 days of standby time!

6. Both Macbook Air notebooks have two USB ports! This makes it possible to charge your iPad, iPhone 4 or iPod Touch while using another USB-powered device on your notebook.

7. Like Macbook Pro, new Macbook Air now flaunts a glass multi-touch trackpad. So another way to spot a new MBA from an old one is that the previous generation has a separate trackpad button while the new does not.

new macbook air

8. New Macbook Air is green. MacBook Air is the latest Apple notebook to meet Energy Star 5.0 requirements and to achieve EPEAT Gold status. The 2010 MBA comes with LED-backlit displays that are mercury-free and made of arsenic-free glass. Macbook Air notebooks are constructed of recyclable materials, PVC-free and contain no brominated flame retardants.

There you go. The New Macbook Air.

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