Mac OS X Lion : The New Mac Operating System

Apple has decided to kick off the new decade with a new Mac operating system donning the name of the very 'King of the Jungle'.

mac os x lion

Following a long tradition of cat-named platforms, the upcoming update to Mac OS X Snow Leopard had likewise been named after a feline; But it's not just any other cat,

mac os x lion
Photos courtesy of Engadget

What is the philosophy behind Mac OS X Lion?

Quoting Steve Jobs in Apple's Back to the Mac event currently being held in Cupertino, CA --

That's where Back to the Mac comes from. We started with OS X and we created a new version called iOS -- it's now used in the iPad as well. We're inspired by some of those innovations. And we want to bring them back to the Mac. Mac OS X meets the iPad.

mac os x lion
Mac OS X Lion

To know more about Mac OS X Lion, kindly read the Official Press Release --

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