Nokia N900 PR 1.3 Firmware Update OTA : Live in the Philippines!

Over-the-air PR 1.3 firmware update for Nokia N900 is now out in the Philippines!

I just received it on my device.

nokia n900 1.3 update

If you haven't received the notification on your Nokia N900, just go to App Manager, click on Updates and look for the Maemo update.

As it turned out, PR 1.3 won't be bringing the earlier reported Nokia N900 MeeGo dual boot option. However, as mentioned in, PR 1.3 is supposed to aid developers dual boot their devices into MeeGo and this would be the main draw come MeeGo Conference happening in November. Also, developers would be happy to know that PR 1.3 aligns the Qt application and UI framework with the planned version for MeeGo 1.1 platfrom (Qt 4.7). So in effect, even without an actual MeeGo 1.1 handset, developers can start building apps for it using their updated Nokia N900.

Nokia N900 PR 1.3 firmware update, which weighs around 85MB OTA, brings stability improvements, several bug fixes, and support for Ovi Suite.

I'm updating my phone now. I'll let you know what's new once it's done.


  1. Finnish company and out on the other side of the world where people can barely afford a mobile phone! Can't get it in the uk where most philipines choose to work as nurses. How ironic!

  2. you sound like an ignorant Brit who still thinks UK controls the world, let me tell you something Philippines will always be prejudged. like what TechPinas said contrary to what foreigners think; Filipinos can afford alot of thing especially smartphones.

  3. well, i usually choose samsung more than lg since their optimus one vs galaxy ace and now SGS II vs optimus 2x or lg big something, i always like samsung better


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