Quadruple SIM Phone : OTECH F1 Runs 4 SIM Cards At Once!

I bet that when you saw the world's first Triple SIM Phone you thought that that's the farthest any phone will go in terms of the number of SIM cards that can run on it all at the same time.

Well, I want you to meet OTECH F1 --

quadruple sim
Photos and Story Courtesy of GSMArena

It's face looks typical of any full QWERTY candybar handset. But opening the back cover reveals the one thing that sets this phone apart from all other china phones it succeeded --

quadruple sim

Yes. This bad boy can run 4 SIM cards at quadruple standby or all at once! Amazing, right?

That's a cool feature -- But it's hardly all it can do. This handset also packs Stereo TV and FM Radio and supports Bluetooth and GPRS connectivity. There's a camera at the back with 12MP label but I bet it's just VGA.

OTECH F1 is currently available in China for an undisclosed price tag. Though we haven't heard any word from our insiders in Greenhills as regards availability of such phone, I believe it's highly unlikely for this phone not to reach the Philippines the soonest.


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