New Yahoo Mail : Free Unlimited Storage

Freshly rolled out New Yahoo Mail Beta flaunts a number of features like Facebook and Twitter integration, tabs and web apps.

new yahoo mail
To try out New Yahoo Mail. Log-in to your account and click on this link.

But I bet the one thing new users would thoroughly appreciate in New Yahoo Mail is the retained unlimited email storage feature, which was first introduced in 2007. Yes, Yahoo has long shattered the ceiling to the volume of emails you can receive in your inbox. This means that with Yahoo Mail you'd never have to delete a single email to free up some space ever again.

new yahoo mail

However, note that the purpose of unlimited mail is NOT to provide an online storage warehouse. So any usage that suggests this approach will get flagged by Yahoo's anti-abuse measures. In order for this new unlimited storage system to work efficiently, abuse control systems may limit the number of emails users may send or receive when it appears that the usage is excessive.

That's good. I'm cool with that. I just wish Yahoo would be more specific in their conditions. Like, how excessive is excessive?

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