Globe WiMax Prepaid 4G : Kit Price, Unlimited Surfing, Connection Speed, Requirements

If you felt compelled to know more about the service after seeing its overtly-and-perhaps-unnecessarily dramatic TVC, then allow TechPinas to fill you in on the details of Globe WiMax Prepaid 4G.

globe wimax prepaid

Globe WiMax Prepaid (with 3Mbps connection speed) is the company's only prepaid 4G internet service for the home -- as all of its other wireless prepaid internet services are either for mobile or outdoor use. Learn more about 4G via the link.

To avail of Globe WiMax Prepaid 4G, all you have to do is to buy the WiMax Kit, which costs Php 2,900 and to load up via Globe Load retailer or Autoload Max, Share-A-Load, ATMs and GCASH. No need to submit documents.

To avail of the one-day unlimited surfing via WiMax Prepaid, just make sure that your load is higher than Php 60 (if not, then you'd have to load up first) then click "Start" on the WiMax user portal. It's that simple. The 24-hour unlimited surfing period starts right after you click on the word.

Now, I know you're wondering, "Is it possible to transfer to Globe WiMax prepaid if I'm on WiMax postpaid or Globe DSL?" The answer is YES. But you can do that ONLY if your contract with the other service has lapsed.

For inquiries on where exactly you can buy this WiMax Kit and for other WiMax concerns, don't hesitate to give Globe Telecom a ring via Talk2Globe Hotline (02) 730-1000.