Facebook Spam Master Fined 1 Billion Dollars for Sending 4.3 Million Spam Messages!

"Facebook had never been targeted by as much spam [...],"

wrote Quebec Superior Court Justice Lise Fournier on the precedented nature of the cyber crime committed by Adam Guerbuez of Montreal, Canada.

facebook spam
Adam Guerbez

What did he do exactly? According to a statement by Facebook, Guerbuez fooled FB users into giving him their usernames and passwords via fake websites that posed as legit destinations. After gaining access to users' personal profiles, he used a software to send out millions upon millions of messages promoting various products, including pen|s enlargement drugs and even mar|juana.

While Adam did not admit to sending such spam messages, he nonetheless opted not to contest the Septempter 28 Superior Court ruling that upheld an earlier decision by a District Court judge in San Jose, California, USA.

Guerbuez was fined 100 US Dollars for each of the 4,366,386 spam messages that he sent to Facebook accounts during a period covering March and April 2008. With exchange rate and punitive damages factored in, Guerbuez owes Facebook a total of 1,068,928,721.46 US Dollars.

Oh, and on top of this penalty, he's also barred from ever opening a Facebook account.