BlackBerry Playbook : Demo Video - Supports Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR

"We're not trying to dumb down the internet for a small mobile device. What we're trying to do is bring up the performance and the capability of the mobile device to the internet," shares Mike Lazaridis, RIM Co-CEO, while demoing BlackBerry Playbook with Adobe's Kevin Lynch at Adobe MAX conference currently being held in Los Angeles, California.

blackberry playbook demo

BlackBerry PlayBook is actually the first tablet to be built from the ground up to run Adobe AIR applications and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 with full integration. RIM's partnership with Adobe is clearly what sets Playbook apart from the Apple iPad. For as Apple bans Flash from its iOS platform, RIM woos the more than three million Flash developers to create applications for BlackBerry PlayBook.

Here's the short demo video of BlackBerry Playbook --

Now that's full web experience, don't you think?


  1. Just picked up my Blackberry PlayBook and this demo helped me get started

  2. Thanks for the update! :) We've already previewed a unit but would you mind sharing a short review? :)


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