Sony PlayStation Move Motion Controller : Official Specs, Price in Philippines

Great news for Pinoy PlayStation fans! Sony has just released PlayStation Move Motion Controller in the Philippines!

sony playstation move

Using similar dual-controller setup as Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Move focuses on high-precision movement using a three-axis accelerometer, a terrestrial magnetic field sensor and a three-axis gyroscope aided by PlayStation Eye. The Eye keeps track of the movement of a glowing ball (placed on top of the motion controller) in 3D space as well as of its wielder's actions and voice. The navigation controller, on the other hand (literally), lets the player use a control stick with buttons for more precise player movements just like when using a traditional game controller. This pair of PlayStation accessories makes way for a gaming experience that's ever closer to augmented reality.

PlayStation Move motion controller for PlayStation 3 (PS3) is currently available in the Philippines with a suggested retail price of only Php 2,499 including taxes. The navigation controller is likewise out in the market with an SRP of Php 1,799.

For the Philippine market, Sony Computer Entertainment will release a PlayStation Move BASIC Pack comprising a motion controller, PlayStation Move starter disc, PlayStation Eye camera and one PlayStation Move software title like Sports Champions for only Php 4,999 including taxes. Users may also opt to get the PlayStation Move STARTER Pack comprising a motion controller, PlayStation Eye camera, and PlayStation Move starter disc for only Php 3,399.

Finally, watch IGN's PlayStation Move Demo and Review video to help you decide whether to get your motion controller pack now or to just wait for the next iteration of the device --