Gorilla Glass on Nokia N8, Samsung Galaxy Tab : Features, Benefits, Demo

Samsung Galaxy S, Nokia N8 and Samsung Galaxy Tab, among other gadgets, flaunt screens made of Gorilla Glass.

gorilla glass
Nokia N8 Philippines

But what exactly is Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass is a product of Corning Incorporated, an American manufacturer of ceramics, glass and related materials. This type of glass is an environmentally friendly thin-sheet of alkali-aluminosilicate that is better able to survive the real-world situations and events that cause glass failure.

What are the benefits of Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass' superior composition allows a deeper layer of chemical strengthening than what's possible with most other chemically strengthened glasses or plastic sheets. This makes Gorilla Glass both highly durable and scratch resistant.

Watch Corning's Gorilla Glass Scratch Test --

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  1. He’s going a little bit too easy on it I think. When will it start to show scratches? You have to dig in a bit, cut cut cut, use a breadknife. Put on some mountain climbing shoes and do the moon walk on it. Put it on the asfalt face down and run over it with a SUV. If it survives that I’m impressed. Then you’d have to go even deeper and take out the blender and the lawmover. Something’s gotta take down that gorilla glass.
    Does it come from outer space? When did exactly aliens delivery this material to Nokia?
    Well I’m a little bit impressed. Gonna show this to my wife now, she’s a born cell-phone abuser.



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