Windows 8 : Microsoft Website Confirms Name of Windows 7 Successor

Microsoft has been pretty tight lipped on details about the next Windows release

-- until last Friday, that is.

October 22, 2009 -- Microsoft Netherlands Official Website published a Windows 7 1st Birthday note and finally (or perhaps, accidentally) disclosed the name of the Windows Operating System that's set to follow Windows 7;

windows 8
Credit: Microsoft Netherlands Website, Dutch to English Translation via Google Translate

Windows 8, it is.

Now, you might be thinking it's a no-brainer. But considering the diversity in the names of Windows OSes -- from DOS-based to Client releases, there's actually been no telling if Microsoft would continue with this recent numeral nomenclature.


  1. The word "Windows 8" is gone in that website. Windows 8 is a codenamed after Windows 7 and Windows 7's lifespan up to 2015. I'm running not genuine (but activated) Windows 7 Ultimate.

  2. how much is the windows 7 ultimate(geniune)..??? i want to upgrade my vista on mac.


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