HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 : Official Specifications, Details

Yesterday in New York USA, Steve Balmer - Microsoft CEO - finally unveiled the initial batch of Windows Phone 7 handsets to media.

HTC was probably the biggest player in the Windows Mobile 6.5 game and the company intends to stay at the top in the era of Windows Phone 7. The Taiwanese company rolled out no less than 4 Windows Phone 7 handsets yesterday, to be made available for purchase this coming holiday season.

"HTC has been a partner with Microsoft since we launched our first phones nearly a decade ago, and we couldn’t be more excited to continue this journey with the launch of Windows Phone 7," shares Andy Lees, President of Mobile Communications Business at Microsoft. "Windows Phone 7 characterizes a new direction for Microsoft and its partners, and HTC is stepping up to support this in a significant way by bringing five new Windows Phones to market."

Although there's no telling if HTC's WP7 phones will ever see release in the Philippines, I'll still do my best to cover all four handsets on TP -- one model at a time.

Let's start with HTC HD7

htc hd7

With HTC HD7, owners can enjoy their favorite movies and videos in no less than cinematic-style thanks to its large 4.3" high-resolution screen. The kickstand at the back, on the other hand, allows users to sit back and enjoy flicks handsfree. For those who refuse to make any compromise on mobile gaming experience on their smartphones, HTC HD7 weilds the power of Xbox LIVE, bringing gameplay to life in a way that takes console gaming out of the house and into users' pockets.

htc hd7

The rest of HD7's key features include a 5-megapixel camera, capable of high-definition 720p video recording, 16GB of internal storage and 576 MB of RAM. Connectivity options include Bluetooth, microUSB, 3G HSPDA and Wi-Fi 820.11 n.

In the US, HTC HD7 will be available through T-Mobile, while in Europe, O2 and Movistar are set to be its official carriers. Again, no word yet on pricing details and availability in the Philippines.

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