Jehzlau Concepts Free LED Video Board Ad Contest Entry

Here's my entry for Jehzeel's latest contest --

jehlau concepts

Jehzeel, I want to win because I intend to use the ad placement to invite all Pinoys driving by EDSA (and all Pinoys, in general) to submit their own gadget reviews (no matter how simple, light-hearted or casual their reviews may be) to TechPinas. I want to make every Pinoy feel that technology is not something so far that it can't be reached and that everyone can write about technology. Haven't we had enough of those websites or blogs that make their readers feel that technology is exclusive or that only geeks can be techy? :)

I plan to take this site to greater heights (that is -- by eventually hiring young yet sharp tech writers, finally launching TechPinas TV aka TPTV, etc.) and I think that getting that free LED board ad placement could be another big step towards achieving that goal.

There you go! Good luck to everyone who joined the contest! :)

Oh, and thanks to Black Friday deals for making Jehzeel's contest possible.

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