Windows Phone 7 Demo Video via HTC 7 Mozart : Do You Like It?

Just a few minutes ago, TracyandMatt uploaded this very extensive demo video of the Windows 7 Phone operating system running on HTC 7 Mozart.

windows phone 7 demo

If you want to see how Microsoft's latest effort in the mobile OS space works, hit the play button --

The user interface actually looks very nice -- very magazine-like, if I may add so. With it, Microsoft is obviously trying to give the user the impression that the OS is not relying too much on apps or skins to look good. It just looks good right out of the box. I mean, the fonts, the animated transitions, the subtle yet poignant design elements -- it's just a work of art, I think.

But the real highlight, in my opinion, is the People tab (tile? section?). This tile alone does the work of 5-6 different applications for other platforms and presents it in a gorgeous interface. I mean, you just click on a friend and it immediately shows his status updates, photos and videos from practically all of the his active social networking accounts. How cool is that? No more jumping from one application to another.

I like Windows Phone 7! I hope to get a Windows 7 Phone soon so I can have an immersive experience with it and write my comprehensive review.

In the meantime, I'd like to ask everyone, 'What do you think about Windows 7 Phone operating system?' Vote now and share your comments below.

TP Asks the Crowd:

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    It's been a year and you should consider check the actual Windows Phone 7 on your local store near you.

    Yes it's available now and lot's of pinoys already have this!

    Pinoy Windows Phone


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