HTC Smart Demo Video : 5 Things I Like About HTC Smart

htc smart demo

If you're thinking about buying HTC Smart this Christmas, then I suggest you first watch this quick demo video by TracyandMatt to get an idea of how the phone's user interface works --

I'm an HTC Smart owner and here are 5 things I like about this phone --

1. Design and Form Factor : Among all phones its price category, HTC Smart perhaps flaunts the best design identity and overall build. When you look at it and - moreso - when you hold it, you'd feel that this phone is more expensive that how it's actually priced. The metal accents lining the sides of the phone and the lip of the screen and framing the camera add to the phone's elegant appeal. The back (at least, of the black version) has a finger-print resistant coating, so you don't have to worry about always having to wipe the phone after touching it.

htc smart demo

htc smart demo

htc smart demo

2. HTC Sense User Interface : HTC Sense is easily one of the best mobile OS skins out there right now. It looks nice and uncluttered and it's highly customizable. Pressing on the middle button always brings you back to the homepage so it's impossible to get lost navigating the UI. HTC Sense also features a pre-installed app called FriendStream, a hub where you can check all social networking site updates of your friends.

3. Decent Camera : HTC Smart packs a 3.15 MegaPixels camera with LED flash and 2048x1536 pixels resolution. Considering the phone's entry-level price category, Smart's camera delivers rather decent photo quality. I'll try to post sample photos in the coming days.

4. Stunning sound quality : Ah, this you'd have to hear for yourself. I believe HTC Smart is certainly one of the handsets with the loudest speakers around and also comes with a quite clean audio output.

5. Great on-the-road Social Networking experience : While HTC Smart doesn't support Wifi-connectivity, I find that it works well with various unlimited daily mobile surfing promos from either Smart or Globe. Once connected, FriendStream offers quick and easy access to Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Disclosure: HTC is an active advertiser on TechPinas. Expect more posts about HTC Smart and other HTC phones in the coming months.

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